Moving to Catalina

No this has not turned into a real estate blog, we are talking mac OS 10.15 otherwise known as Catalina.  The mac 10.15 Catalina OS is the newest OS for the Mac and marks the first Apple OS that requires 64-bit apps. The newest operating system for the Apple Mac was released earlier this month, October 2019.    Most of the drivers for the new OS have been released and can be found on the support pages for the printers.  Please check for the drivers before you upgrade your OS to avoid any printing issues from upgrading with no drivers available. 

To find the newest drivers navigate to the Xerox Support and Drivers page for your model.  Make sure to choose the printer configuration you have, if applicable, and then select the Catalina operating system from the Operating System drop down menu. Install the driver. 

You may also see updated scan drivers for your multifunction device. If you utilize scanning, update those drivers as well.  Most of the new drivers will have a date of October 2019.

If you do not see a driver for your machine please consult the compatibility document to see if a driver has been or will be created for the model of printer or multifunction device you use.  Some drivers are still under consideration and will have a number 3 in the compatibility level column of the document. Check back periodically to see if the new driver has been released.

If the compatibility level column indicates a 2 then no driver is planned for that model printer.  Check the Additional Information column of the compatibility document for more information about possible workarounds or limitations of the drivers.  For a printer without a driver and no information in the Additional Information column you can try using a previous version of the driver, for instance the Mojave driver though not recommended or supported. Using an earlier version may not afford you all the features or options for your printer.  

Please consider all your peripherals and there compatibility with the new Catalina OS before you upgrade, it may help you to avoid unnecessary frustration. For additional information, you can also reach out to your local support centre or post a question on the Xerox Community Support Forum.    

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  1. artur November 6, 2019 - Reply

    HUUUGE disappointment. I’d never expect that a company like xerox can still be evaluating if it makes sense to update their drivers or not. So basically if I update to Catalina now, my printer is bricked… (WorkCentre 3025, bought about a year ago…); or more precisely: I guess I should still be able to print via AirPrint, but what about scanning?!
    can’t find the words… next time I’ll just buy cheapest junk instead

    • Cheryl Otstott January 14, 2020 - Reply

      Hi Artur,
      Thank you for your comment. I understand your frustration. We are waiting for drivers for a few of the printers. Please keep watching the drivers should be posted this quarter. Please consider contacting your local support centre for possible workarounds.

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