New Video Playlist at Xerox Support on YouTube

A bunch of new videos have been uploaded to the Xerox Support channel on YouTube.  The videos include several on cleaning your machine.  The videos show a VersaLink B405 but the cleaning processes are the same for most of the Xerox printers and multifunction printers. 

There are also several VersaLink B405 videos on replacing consumables from the toner to the bias transfer rollers and more.  These installation processes are the similar on the VersaLink family.  This is the link for the playlist with the nine new videos. 

A second set of videos was uploaded for the VersaLink C405. Those videos walk you through the downloading and installing of the driver, how to program the different print options from sample prints to secure prints and more.  There are 41 videos in this playlist, it is a comprehensive set of videos that covers processes, features, how tos, etc.  Here is a sample of the videos, this one addresses cleaning the CVT glass.  CVT glass is a common component of the Xerox mutlifunction printers so this video would be applicable to any printer that copies or scans.

Again, these videos can be helpful to you if you have another model of printer other than the VersaLink C405, the concepts are the same from model to model.  Therefore, no matter what printer you have take a look at these playlists if you are looking for help with your printer or multifunction printer, chances are you will find a video to help you. 

While you are at the Xerox Support Channel on YouTube, review the other playlists for subjects or printers that might interest you.  There are hundreds of helpful videos on the channel all easily searched with the search feature in the channel.   To be notified when new videos “drop” subscribe to the Xerox Support Channel and you will get an email to let you know of any new videos.

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