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Removing a Xerox Driver on the Mac High Sierra OS 10.13

By |Mar 20, 2018|

Are you having print issues when printing from a Mac running High Sierra macOS 10.13 and a Xerox printer?  Sometimes it may be necessary to remove

Posting on the Xerox Customer Support Community

By |Mar 13, 2018|

Have you used the Xerox Customer Support Community Forum?  The Forum is a peer-to-peer forum that helps users like you help each other with Xerox printer

4 Places to Find Your Xerox Printer Serial Number

By |Feb 23, 2018|

You will need your Xerox printer serial number. It is a good idea to have your serial number(s) recorded somewhere that you can get to them

Remote Service and Your Xerox Printers

By |Feb 16, 2018|

Hello! Is anybody out there? Are you sure your device is connected and providing information vital to accurate billing and supply data?
If not, here’s what to

Xerox Remote Support: We See You!

By |Jan 30, 2018|

Last week we talked about the Customer Support Centre and what happens when you call in.  Today I would like to tell you about one of