Printing From Chromebooks

Many people are choosing to switch to Chromebooks.  Maybe you even got one over the holidays.  There have been questions about how to print from Chromebooks to Xerox printers.  We will take a look at the steps for printing from Chromebooks, it is really pretty easy. 

What Are Chromebooks? 

If you are not familiar with Chromebooks here is a brief explanation from our online knowledgebase. “Chromebooks are lightweight computers based on Google’s Chrome OS. They include a range of productivity cloud apps for knowledge workers, such as Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more, without the need to purchase additional software.

The lightweight, simplified IT management makes Chromebooks popular and well suited to the education market, among others.”

As a Chromebook owner printing can be a challenge if you don’t have a compatible printer. Xerox has a broad range of compatible printers and MFPs that support the basic need to print over a local network.

Benefits of the Chromebook:
  • Simple to set up
  • Able to print from most of your popular applications
  • No drivers to install
  • No additional software required
Printing from a Chromebook:
  • To add your Xerox printer:
    1. Go to your Chromebook settings and select Advanced
    2. Under Printing, select Printers
    3. Type in your printer IP address
    4. You are done.
  • To print:
    1. Select Ctrl + p, or select the printer icon in your Google application.
    2. Once you have selected your destination printer you are all set.

NOTE: For direct print to Xerox® Printers, Chromebook™ OS must be at V79 or above.

Additional Information

For additional information and compatible Xerox printers please review the Chromebook Printing page at Compatible Products can be found under the Resources area of the page. You can also search on Chromebook from the Xerox Support page.

To view additional information on how to set up your printer and troubleshoot common issues please see the article Google Support for Chromebook.

We hope you have found this information useful.  If you require additional assistance with Chromebook printing to a Xerox printer please contact your local support centre or post your question or concern on the Xerox Customer Support Forum.

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