New Interactive Setup Guides for the Xerox B200s

New interactive setup guides for the Xerox B200s have been added to the knowledge base for the printers.  These new interactive guides help with the setup of the printers.  From the unboxing to printing to the printer, these steps and more are all there in the new interactive guides.  The steps for disabling the banner page are also in the guides.  

The guides provide setup procedures tailored to fit your network or direct-connect printing preferences.  The guide walks you through installing the necessary print drivers or applications that support your desktop and mobile devices.

It is recommended that the guides, which are .pdf files, be saved to the local drive of your PC or mobile device.  Using the guide through a web browser is not recommended because you might lose your place if you click on one of the hyperlinks in the document. 

You can find the guides in the knowledge base for your printer on the support site. Navigate to the support site and enter the model number of the printer that you have from the B200 series. From the search list returned, select “Support – Xerox B2XX Printer”. The “Recommended for Setup and Install” screen will be displayed. 

The Personalized Easy Setup and Install Guide will be displayed on the left side of the screen.  Select Download, the document will be displayed.  Save the .pdf file to your computer or device.   Once the document is saved to your computer open the document and follow the instructions to move through the document making the selections that best match your environment and / or setup.  The guide will step you through the setup all the way to printing a document from your computer or device.  

The links directly to the interactive setup guides for the Xerox B200s are listed below. 

 Interactive guide to setup your Xerox B205   

 Interactive guide to setup your Xerox B210  

 Interactive guide to setup your Xerox B215   

The interactive guides are a quick and easy way to get your Xerox B205, B210, or B215 connected and printing. In these guides there are many links to setup procedures, driver files and even videos. All this information is a click or tap way.  Review the guides and see if they can assist you.

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