Meet Xerox Color EC70 Printer

The Xerox Color EC70 was released in the U.S. last week.  In continuation of our Sustainability and Recycling theme from last week we are going to look at how the Xerox Color EC70 Printer fits in the sustainable office. The EC70 will inspire creativity and turn your colorful and glimmering ideas come to life.

The EC70 Printer is a cost-effective multifunction printer.  The printer supports the Xerox® Adaptive CMYK+ Kit and the Optional – Xerox® Vivid Toner Kit adding an array of choices to your printing options for you and your customers.  The EC70 prints at speeds up to 70/75 ppm and scans at 200 images per minute depending on resolution.  There are business finishing options available as well.  Business finishing provides folding, hole punch and offset capabilities. 

The EC70 printer contributes to a circular and sustainable economy.  The printer is a factory produced New Model that follows a predetermined manufacturing process and is newly serialized.  The printer will contain many reused components that provide the same high-performance standards.  This process leads to natural resource conservation, waste reduction and lower energy consumption leading to less CHG emissions. 

Xerox® Adaptive CMYK + is a new accessory for the Color EC70 Printer. This new accessory can increase your design freedom. Adding gold, silver, white and clear in one single digital print pass. Enhance prints with the glimmer and shine available from metallic.  Print on stock other than plain white paper with the use of white print on colored media. Just imagine the uses for those extra 4 colors with the CMYK+ toners.   Get noticed with stunning output. Let your creativity and imagine flow.

Resources For Further Information:

Xerox Color EC70 Printer website




The Xerox Color EC70 Printer is another way to continue your business’ commitment to sustainability while creating beautiful prints that get noticed. 

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