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By |Apr 7, 2017|

How would you like your Xerox support? Sounds like we are ordering eggs at a hometown café… But really you can have your support your way.

By Popular Demand: SNMP and Your Xerox Printers

By |Mar 28, 2017|

Simple Network Management (SNMP) seems to be a popular subject over on the Xerox Community Support Forum. There are hundreds of views every month of solutions

Time For a Change – Check Your Printer’s Clock

By |Mar 10, 2017|

It’s that time again, time to Spring forward on the clocks. This Sunday March 12, 2017 is the day we lose an hour of sleep to

Your Feedback Helps Shape Support

By |Feb 24, 2017|

If you have been a frequent reader of this blog you know that I champion our Online Support in almost every blog. I must say I

Printing on Custom Size Paper on Windows or Mac

By |Feb 21, 2017|

I am not sure what it is, tax season, new applications with non-standard sizes, envelopes or whatever, we have seen more questions about printing to custom