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The Xerox App Gallery is the home of a variety of apps available for your Xerox printer or multifunction printer.  We have blogs that explain the app gallery and apps but not how to get support for those apps. Let’s address how to find support for your apps.

Your first resource is  Once at the Xerox Support page type the app’s name in the search box and press enter. From the resulting page choose your desired content from the list.  The material is categorized under tabs for knowledge base articles, drivers and downloads (which includes user documentation), forum posts, and videos, if available.

If the information found there is not what you are looking for, visit the Xerox App Gallery.  Click on the app you need support for to open its page. Scroll down the page to “Support” and follow the links.  For some apps, there may be a separate Knowledgebase (KB) available for the App solution you are using.  This KB is separate from the KB that is available for the printers and multifunction printer themselves and may have a dedicated contact page to get further assistance.

All Xerox App Gallery apps are supported on the Community Support Forum.  Visit the board specifically for the Apps from the Xerox App Gallery.  You can search the forum boards or ask new questions of Xerox experts and your peers.  Announcements of known issues or outages may also be posted in the Xerox App Gallery board.

The Xerox App Gallery support resources will get you the information you need when and where you need it

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