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The Xerox App Gallery is the home of a variety of apps available for your Xerox printer or multifunction printer.  We have blogs that explain the app gallery and apps but not how to get support for those apps. Let’s address how to find support for your apps.

Your first resource is  Once at the Xerox Support page type the app’s name in the search box and press enter. From the resulting page choose your desired content from the list.  The material is categorized under tabs for knowledge base articles, drivers and downloads (which includes user documentation), forum posts, and videos, if available.

If the information found there is not what you are looking for, visit the Xerox App Gallery.  Click on the app you need support for to open its page. Scroll down the page to “Support” and follow the links.  For some apps, there may be a separate Knowledgebase (KB) available for the App solution you are using.  This KB is separate from the KB that is available for the printers and multifunction printer themselves and may have a dedicated contact page to get further assistance.

All Xerox App Gallery apps are supported on the Community Support Forum.  Visit the board specifically for the Apps from the Xerox App Gallery.  You can search the forum boards or ask new questions of Xerox experts and your peers.  Announcements of known issues or outages may also be posted in the Xerox App Gallery board.

The Xerox App Gallery support resources will get you the information you need when and where you need it

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  1. zenghaiyan February 5, 2021 - Reply

    my xerox7535 ask an active code about consumables ,my robot serial code is 3906127252,please give me an active code and about how to operate. thank you.

    • Cheryl Otstott March 26, 2021 - Reply

      Hi zenghaiyan,
      Thank you for reading the blog. If you have not already found a solution for your issue or answer for your question, please consider posting on the Xerox Customer Support Forum. Alternately contact your local support centre.

  2. Al Guerin February 23, 2021 - Reply

    When using the Touchless Access App on different models in our showroom, I get different image quality results when using copy method. Scan to email isn’t setup, so I don’t know if that is an issue. The print method works fine.

    The AltaLink C8145 image density is very weak in color, great in B&W.

    The AltaLink C8035 image density is less weak, but still unacceptable in color, and again is fine in B&W.

    The PrimeLink C9065 is great in either color or B&W.

    I cannot find any resources that show how to adjust the density or other color quality settings. Is this a service mode adjustment? Or is there some other method of adjusting image quality for the Touchless Access App?

  3. ANDREW Neil March 17, 2021 - Reply

    I am a Xerox partner and I need assistance with the printbyxerox app currently on all connect key mf printers.
    I would like to use Xerox printers in a self serve kiosk setting wilh an interactive pay wall to be able to require a payment for self serve users based on pages printed, scanned, copied or faxed. Can I accomplish this?

    • Cheryl Otstott March 26, 2021 - Reply

      Hi Andrew,
      Please address your question to the App Gallery team. You can reach them on the Xerox Forum on the App Gallery board.

  4. Chris Taylor March 23, 2021 - Reply

    I was wondering if there was such a things as an NFR version of Xerox APP’s such as Connect for Microsoft One Drive, Connect for Google Drive. I test SSO with Cloud and Suite and do demos on the Xerox equipment in Ottawa but the trial is only good for 30 days.

    • Cheryl Otstott March 26, 2021 - Reply

      Hi Chris,
      Please address your question to the App Gallery team. You can reach them on the Xerox Forum on the App Gallery board.

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