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Customer technical support is important to any company.  At Xerox we strive to make your technical support experience fast, easy and accurate.  To do this we have many forms of support to meet your needs.  From support directly at the machine to online support to phone support and more. Getting the solution to you in the way you prefer and within your schedule is what we try to achieve.  It has been referred to as getting the solution closer to the customer.

The closest to you support options are support directly at the machine interface and online support.  These two types of support are available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  The answers, solutions and knowledge in those resources has been collected and sourced from the support personnel, technicians, engineers, and the documentation for the machine.  A first source of support, it may be all you need to find the information you need.

Some printers now offer Chat as a support option but the chat option is only available for US customers.  Look on the contact tab on the support page for your model of machine to see if chat is available for your printer.  If you need phone support, there are centres in North America to take your calls and answer your questions. Remember that you must have a serial number that is covered by an active contract for chat or phone support.

Let’s look at the technical support.  The following video will explain how our support centres work.  You will be able to see into the labs that the support people at the support centres use to duplicate your issues and find the answers you need.

That video gives you a look into how we try to tackle your requests.  I have to say I was so glad when we got wireless headsets, it made going to the lab to work a problem so much easier.  As the technology continues to evolve on your printers, support will evolve as well to bring the information you need as you need it.  Check out the online support on the support page, or ask a question on our Support Forum, send in Fast Track to the Experts form, chat with support or give the centre a call, there will be someone there ready to try to answer your request.

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