Tips for Resolving Scan to Server Message Block (SMB) Issues

Server Message Block (SMB) Protocol is a network file sharing protocol used in scanning on Xerox multifunction printers.  Server Message Block (SMB) is a client server, request-response protocol that provides shared access to files, printers, ports, and miscellaneous communications between nodes on a network.

We are going to look at some prerequisites and tips from the online support to resolve issues you may run into when setting up or using scan to SMB.  

The Prerequisites for SMB Scanning:

The prerequisites for setting up scanning using SMB are as follows:

NOTE: Knowledge of the network on which the printer is installed is required and may require the assistance of your System Administrator.

  • The printer must be connected to the network.
  • The IP address of the printer is required.
  • HTTP must be enabled on the device.

The configuration report will show you the IP address of the printer and if the HTTP is enabled.  Search on the words “configuration report” in the online support for your device for instructions for printing out the report. 

The Tips for Setting-up SMB Scanning:

  1. Check that the Date and Time of the Printer match that of the Scan Server.
  2. Verify that the Network Folder is Shared.
  3. Verify that the Network Username has proper permissions to the Network Folder.
  4. Make sure that the User Login information is accurate by retyping the password and saving.
  5. Verify that the following SMB settings are entered correctly.
  6. Scan Server IP Address or Hostname.
    NOTE: Using the IP Address is recommended.
  7. Folder share name.
  8. Port number.
  9. Destination path.
    NOTE: The destination path field is only used for subfolders located within the shared folder. For example, if your path was //ScanServer/Sharename/username the destination path would only need to be username.

The following video will walk you through setting up scanning to SMB on Windows 10.

I hope this information will help you if you are setting up scanning or if you run into any errors or issues as you scan.  Remember you can find additional information in the online support for your specific model of printer, you can post a question on the Customer Support Forum or contact your local support centre via, chat, email, or phone by going to the Contact Us page, scroll down and select Technical Support to view your support options. 

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