Username and Password on Xerox Printers

We receive many questions about the username and password on Xerox printers and multifunction devices (MFD). The username and password are required for system administrator access to the printer and the embedded web server (EWS). The username and password can help to safeguard your machine from unwanted settings changes.

The optimum scenario would be for one person to be the system administrator of the printer. That person would have the responsibility to make any setting or set-up changes to the device. We refer to that person as the system administrator (admin). The admin would be the person to change the username and password to protect the printer from unwanted changes. Once the username and/or password are changed from the defaults, which is highly recommended, the username and/or password cannot be reset without a call to support.  The reset may require a visit from a technician depending on the model of the device.

The default password will be 1111 on most printers or the serial number of the machine. The password on most devices is case sensitive, so if your serial number contains letters, please use the correct case.

Due to security concerns and complexity, we cannot post or give instructions for resetting the username and /or password back to the defaults in the online support or on the customer support forums. The process is not for users. It potentially puts the user in an area of the machine where mistakes could cause the machine to become unusable if the correct steps are not followed. More importantly it removes a layer of security if everyone knows or learns how to reset the username and/or password.

It is important that if the username and/or password is changed remember it or note the new values somewhere away from the device. Consider having at least two people know this information in case one of them is not available and an issue comes up where the username and password would be required.

Please look at this video that shows how to change the password on the VersaLink printers.

Should you choose not to change the defaults you can find the default username and password on the support page for your printer. Navigate to and select Customer Service then select All Support and Drivers.  On the Support page enter your model number in the space provided and then search on the words “default password”.  Please carefully consider changing the username and password on your printer and remember the new values. It may seem like a small thing, but it is another tool in the security toolbox!!

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