Unable to Scan After Windows Update

A recent Microsoft Windows update raised questions about no longer being able to scan, which is affecting all brands. Users cannot scan to file or scan to PC and might see a message or fault code that begins with 018-xxx after their Windows update.

The issue seems to be that the share settings are reverted back to the defaults after the Windows update.  So, let’s fix that. Review these tips and check that your settings are correct.

Tips and Settings To Review:

  • Ensure you are using port 445
  • Confirm that Password protected sharing is disabled
  • In File Explorer Options, select the View tab uncheck Use Sharing Wizard in the advanced settings section
  • Right click the folder for scans on your PC and select properties, then select the sharing tab.
    1. Select Advanced Sharing.  Make sure “Share this Folder” is checked. 
    2. Select Permissions to confirm that the group Everyone has check marks in the allow box for Full Control.
  •  If you continue to have trouble scanning, searching for “scan to a folder or PC” on the support page for your product and redo the set-up from the beginning. 

Watch the following video from our YouTube Xerox Support channel to see a walk-through of some of these settings.

These are the current tips to try and restore scanning to working order after a Windows update.  They may not all need to be changed on your PC but these are things we have found so far that may affect your ability to scan. If you have no success after trying these suggestions, please consider contacting your local support center for additional assistance. 

Remember you are not the only one experiencing these types of issues after the Windows updates. Several multifunction machines from various manufacturers are experiencing the same inability to scan. Once the problem is ID’d, you’ll be scanning again soon.

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