Happy Thanksgiving Day from Xerox Support

It is almost Thanksgiving Day here in the US. It is that time of the year again. Time for holiday traditions, good food, the occasional cooking disaster that is fodder for future hilarious stories. Spending quality time with family and friends watching football and going shopping. We at Xerox Support wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving Day and hope that you have a great time, however you choose to celebrate the holiday. Enjoy the time off and take time to remember the things for which you are thankful.

One of the many things I am thankful for is our customers.  Our customers continue to challenge us here at Xerox Corporation to continue to support you in the use of your Xerox products.  We provide you with multiple ways to find the support you need in the method that is best for you.    

Everyone has had to change, pivot, innovate and reinvent their business processes to compete in this new world economy.  Xerox had to adjust as well, but we continued to support and help our customers meet their new challenges and needs. 

I have listed a few places you can find support. For some of these support resources you will need your product serial number.

Xerox continues to get the support you need to you in the easiest and fastest way.  We continue to support our customers as you continue to change and reinvent your business model in these ever-changing times.  I am also thankful that you, our customers, continue to read our blog. Enjoy your holiday, make some memories, and put work aside for a little bit. It will be there once you return and so will we here at Xerox Support.

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