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We are in the season where our thoughts turn to helping others.  Helping not only provides something that someone else needs, it also makes us feel good. And who doesn’t need that? We have a great opportunity for you to help others now and throughout the year.  By participating in the Xerox Customer Support Forum (XCSF), a peer-to-peer forum, you can help others and yourself. It’s users of printers helping other users.  Let’s face it you, the operators of the printers, know the most about how the printer works in your business.  You have seen issues and learned how to fix them.  Share that knowledge with others! 

The more you participate in the XCSF the more stars you will earn. As you earn stars your title in the forum, which displays under your name, will change as you supply more quality information. Valued Advisor is the top rank and makes you a Superuser. The community values Superusers that help with responses and provide solutions. You can look at the ranking table in the Forum Ranking article in the Welcome Section of the forum boards. 

With super user status comes extra perks! Your pictures will display immediately when you post.  Superusers also get their username displayed in the Top Solutions Author and the Kudos Leaderboard lists, shown in the right column of the forum.  We would love to welcome more superusers.

It just takes a few minutes to check out the boards and see if you can help your fellow users.   While you are in the forum, review the titles of some posts and see if there are any you think you could help with from your experiences. Your fellow users will appreciate any little piece of advice or tip. If a solution is found or someone posts a solution on your post that works, be sure to mark it as a solution. Marking a solution will make it easier for others to find the information in the future.  

If you had a problem or issue with your printer and fixed it on your own, document it on the forums. Relating your experience will help someone else. 

Anytime you need additional support, try the Xerox Customer Support Forum and see if it works for you. Sometimes the people using the products daily are best able to provide advice and solutions. Give it a try and be part of the Xerox customer community today.  

“Helping others is the way we help ourselves” – Oprah Winfrey

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