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How to Write a Book

By |Dec 12, 2017|

By Michelle Coppola

(Michelle Coppola is a senior manager of Experiential Programs and the North American Briefing Centers, where Xerox hosts events for our customers. She has

Xerox Support Wishes You a Happy Thanksgiving!

By |Nov 23, 2017|

In the United States it is Thanksgiving Day. It is time for family, friends, food, football and shopping. We at Xerox Support wish you and yours

Six Ways Apps Give You a More Digital Workplace

By |Nov 21, 2017|

Editor’s Note: Today we present an article from the Xerox blog Enterprise Matters written by Carro Ford.

We’ve seen how apps make our personal lives easier. Now

The New Calendars are Here!!

By |Nov 17, 2017|

It is that time of year when the holidays have crept up on us again!! With the holidays comes the release of the 2018 Xerox Calendar!!

Inspirations, Happy Places and Paper Clips

By |Nov 14, 2017|

Note: I am sharing an article from the Xerox Connect blog about the Project: Set the Page Free and the final writers and creative minds to