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The default password as we have known it is now a thing of the past.  Let’s clear up some confusion about the new default password on Xerox printers and why you are just now seeing the change. 

First, here’s a quick explanation of why the change was made. On January 1, 2020 a law in California changed the way passwords are handled for any device connected to the internet.  The new California state law (SB-327) states that manufacturers of any device connected to the internet (IoT-device) that want to sell their products in California have to equip the devices with  security features that include a unique password for each device manufactured.  Manufacturers failing to do so will face enforcement from the California Attorney General and local officials. 

Even if you are not in California you may be affected by this law.  Manufacturers cannot make this fundamental change to just the products going to California, so the change will be seen everywhere. 

What this means to your Xerox printer is that the default password will now be the serial number of the machine. The password on most devices is case sensitive, so if your serial number contains letters, please use the correct case. The system administrator should then change the password to something unique and memorable. Be sure to store this new password in a secure location. You may have been prompted by the device for this new default password if the software/firmware is updated. 

Instructions for changing the password are found in the online knowledgebase for your printer at If your machine defaults to the serial number as the password, you should then change it to something else that will be secure and unique and that you can remember.

Below is a video on changing the system administrator password. The steps are similar on most Xerox printers and multifunction devices.

Xerox® VersaLink® Changing the System Administrator Password

Once you change the password from the default, if the new password is lost or forgotten a service technician visit may be required to reset it to the default.  If this occurs, contact your local support centre for further assistance. 

The main take away here is that depending on when the device was manufactured or the software/firmware version installed or upgraded, the default administrator password may be the device serial number instead of the original default.  Now you know!!

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