Xerox® Touchless Access App

The Xerox® Touchless Access App is a secure, cloud connected App that allows users access to print, copy and scan functionality without touching the printer, helping make offices safer. With the free App available in the App Gallery to any VersaLink or AltaLink MFP user, simply scan a QR code on the MFPs UI to make a seamless connection. If there is internet access from the smart phone and MFP, you are good to go. Users mobile devices do not need to be on the same network as the MFP, making this accessible to any user.

In today’s world, contactless and touchless have become desirable in as many tasks as possible to help combating the spread of illness.  A safer workplace will help staff feel safer when returning to their offices. This app reduces the need to touch shared printers, the fewer touch points we encounter in the day the fewer chances for adverse effects.

Users do not need to load an app on their mobile device, and no local IT support is needed to configure users. In fact, the only IT support that might be needed is to load the free App onto your multifunction printer. Once the App is live, the front UI can be configured to show the QR code as the default screen giving instant touchless access to the device for any user.

The image below is an example of the portal for printing that will be displayed on your mobile device. 

The Key Reasons to use the app are:

  • Free to use
  • No need for setup or support by your IT department
  • No mobile app to download, so you are ready to go
  • Mobile device does not need to be on same network as the MFP
  • Supports any mobile device
  • Instant access to the printer without having to search for it
  • Works with any mobile connection (cellular or wireless) — no network access issues.

Find out more at the following locations:

The Xerox® Touchless Access App website

The App Gallery

The Touchless App Install page

The Touchless App Support Page

The Touchless App Quick Start Guide

 Try the Touchless Access App for free today!

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