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Remember the days before computers?  If you’re a millennial, probably not.  But, for some of us, there was a time when we had to write everything down with pen and paper.  OK Boomer.

Still, even with the ubiquity of “screens” to write on, there are still times when a piece of paper is preferred.  Notes, for example!   And, where are notes more prolific than in the business world, where meeting notes are still a thing!  If I didn’t take notes, I’d forget everything (please reference that Boomer thing).

But, what to do when you need to SHARE your notes?  Enter the Xerox® Note Converter App!  Now available in the Xerox App Gallery, the Note Converter App provides a simple way to convert your notes into an editable (Word) format, allowing you to edit it and share at will!

Check this out:

Not bad, eh?

The truth is that this is not magic, but it is based on Artificial Intelligence from Google.  And, the reality is that AI is not perfect.  Not all writing can be recognized.  The neater the writing, the higher the likelihood of successful conversion.  Rule of thumb:  If a human would have trouble reading it, a computer would have an even harder time!  So, any doctor’s notes are likely to fail.  Similarly, elaborate cursive or script notes are likely to be problematic.  You will find the best results are with block letters written straight across the page, like the Gettysburg Address example above.   Additionally, background images or grids may cause problems.  Page breaks can also be missed.  So, trying to scan two facing pages of an open notebook at once may not work well.  Rather, try scanning one page of that notebook at a time!  The good news is that Google is constantly improving the technology, and those improvements will be automatically available in the app.

But, what about your colleagues in Europe?  Can they also use this app?  The Xerox Note Converter App supports all 19 of our ConnectKey languages!

Even with its limitations, this app offers so many opportunities for productivity improvement for notes.  Give it a try and let us know what you think!  We offer a free trial for 30 days, as well as low-cost monthly, yearly, and 3-year subscriptions.

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