Have You Visited the Xerox App Gallery Lately?

If you haven’t visited the Xerox App Gallery lately you should take a  look.  The Xerox App Gallery is a selection of apps that add features or capabilities for your multifunction printers. In the App Gallery, there are all sorts of apps that can improve productivity, simplify workflows, and even enhance the user experience.  With an App Gallery account you will have direct access to apps for your machine. An App Gallery account allows you to view and get Apps, install Apps to the multifunction printers and manage your Apps and licenses. The App Gallery has built-in licensing flexibility, allowing you to add, drop or switch out apps from your custom collection of workplace apps whenever your business needs change.

The Apps in the gallery are either free with no license required or they may require you to purchase a usage pack or license.  Most apps have a free Try It option so you can try before you buy.   

Apps available in the Xerox App Gallery include apps in the following categories:

  • Business
  • Cloud Storage
  • Communication
  • Education
  • General
  • Health Care
  • Legal
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Productivity
  • Support
  • Utilities

You can also go to the App Gallery and review the available apps.  In the App Gallery you can see a short explanation of the app, screenshots, links to additional resources and cost information as seen in the picture below.   The app descriptions also include requirements, languages supported, legal information and support available for the app. 

Didn’t find the app you needed? Customized apps can be created.  If you have an idea for an app that would perhaps streamline your processes or enhance your offerings to your customers contact our MFP Workflow App Customization Service.  You might be able to have a custom app designed just for your needs. 

There are instructions in the online support for the Xerox App Gallery that will explain how to enable the Xerox Extensible Interface Platform (EIP). To find out if your multifunction machine can utilize the Xerox App Gallery please see the compatible machines at the bottom of the page in the link. 

To learn more about the Xerox App Gallery please check out the support site.  If your questions are not answered by the information provided on the support site then navigate over to the Xerox Customer Support Forum and post your questions in the board dedicated to the Xerox App Gallery. Videos about the apps are available on the Xerox channel on YouTube in the apps playlist.  

Chances are one or more of these Apps will help you or your customers with your work processes.

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