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Have you used the Xerox Customer Support Community Forum?  The Forum is a peer-to-peer forum that helps users like you help each other with Xerox printer / multifunction printer issues and applications.  You need to register to post on the forum and we hope you do register.  You can search the forum without registering.  Why use the forum, well there is a lot of information on the forum.  You might be able to find the answer you need right there on the forum.

To post on the forum just choose the board that is related to your issue, for instance the Printing board or the Hardware board just to name a couple.  Once you select New Message, type in your question (see below).

Now here is the important part, make sure you give as much detail as you can.  We have to know which printer you are using so include the model number.  If your issue involves a computer and the printer make sure you state what operating system you are using on the computer.  Sometimes someone will answer a question assuming it is a situation on a Windows operating system only to find out that the Original Poster (OP) was using a Mac.

Other information that may be helpful to include is the firmware version, which driver you are using and any error messages or fault codes.

Helpful things you can include in your post is pictures, screenshots and even videos. When you upload pictures or videos there will be a delay in the display of pictures and videos on your post. All pictures and videos are moderated before they are released to the post.  The moderation step is to keep the community forum free of spam or objectionable material.

Once your post is answered if the reply answers your question or fixes the issue you are having please mark the reply as the solution.  Marking the solutions helps others find a solution when they have the same or similar issue.

If you see a post that you have an answer to please consider replying.  The Xerox Customer Support Community only works if people like you share information. We hope you will sign up for the Support Forum and become an active participant.

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