Cloning Your AltaLink® or VersaLink Printer®

Did you know that you can create a clone of your Xerox AltaLink® or VersaLink® printer? Well, you may not be able to create a whole new printer, but you can create a clone file which provides a number of benefits that may be just what you’re looking for.

A clone file can be used as a backup file. If your machine requires a service action that would clear the settings of your printer, the clone file will give you a way to quickly restore your settings, address books, and other specific information. Having a backup can save you a lot of time and frustration if you ever lose your settings.

The cloning feature can also be used to clone configuration settings from one printer to another printer of the same model and system software version. Note that settings that are unique to a configuration, such as IP address, are not included in the clone file.

Consider also these possibilities:

  • To standardize general device settings across a group of devices, create a clone file that contains configuration settings from one device.
  • To standardize security settings on all your devices, create a clone file with a set of specific settings, such as security policies.

If you have an AltaLink® B8000 or C8000 series printer, check out this short video for how to create a clone file.

There are also resources at online support with step by step instructions.

  1. Select your printer model
    1. Under ‘Browse by Product Type’, select ‘printer’
    1. Choose AltaLink® or VersaLink®
    1. Choose your particular model
  2. Search using the term ‘how to clone’

For instance, view the instructions for how to clone a device for the AltaLink® C8000 family and EC8036/ EC8056 models here. For VersaLink® B400 and B405, view these instructions: Create or Install a Clone File.

Many printer models have this feature enabled by default. If it is not enabled on your device, refer to the System Administrator Guide at online support for instructions. After selecting your printer model, search using the term ‘system administrator guide’ and select the documentation tab. Enabling and configuring the cloning feature occurs at the printer’s embedded web server which is accessed by opening a web browser on your PC and entering the printer’s IP address.

You can create and install a clone file using the embedded web server. AltaLink® models also have the option to create and install clone files using a USB flash drive.  The USB flash drive option is available only for AltaLink printers at certain versions of system software.

It is important to determine the version of software that is currently installed on the device to select the correct set of instructions for either of these options. Click here for instructions for finding the software (firmware) version installed on the printer.

What could be better than cloning? The Fleet Orchestrator! The Fleet Orchestrator is a feature which allows you to more efficiently create, install, and share clone files across many devices. You can even set up a schedule for automatically re-aligning the settings in case of any changes. We’ll tell you all about Fleet Orchestrator next time!

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