Managing Printers Across a Distance – Part 2

Today we will be looking at another way you can work with your printer from afar to save the time and energy it would take to go to the printer’s location. The Remote Control Panel is a feature on VersaLink® and AltaLink® models, as well as most of the ConnectKey family of printers and multifunction devices. It allows you to communicate with the printer over the internet or intranet using a web browser on your computer. System administrators find this feature especially useful for assisting or training printer users.

Use the Remote Control Panel to view the device touch screen, see the status of jobs in queue or change settings in the tools area. Any changes to the settings are saved in the same way as if they were changed at the device touch screen. The Remote Control Panel is useful for troubleshooting and may be used by your system administrator or Xerox support team to clear a fault or provide assistance.

When you open the Remote Control Panel, anyone standing at the device will see the actions you perform on the touch screen. They can also use the touch screen to override your selections. You can configure the Remote Control Panel so that the touch screen at the device is blocked while you are using it. When the touch screen is blocked, the user at the device will see a message on the touch screen: ‘Remote Session is active. Local Control Panel is not available’. When you close the remote session, the touch screen will be available to use again. Only one person can open the Remote Control Panel at a time.

Many printer models have this feature enabled by default. If it is not enabled on your device, refer to your device’s system administrator guide at online support for instructions. Select your printer model from the Browse by Product Type section, then select the documentation tab to find the system administrator guide. Enabling and configuring the remote control panel occurs at the printer’s embedded web server which is accessed by opening a web browser on your PC and entering the printer’s IP address. Permission for use of the Remote Control Panel can be restricted to the administrator only or you can allow permission to other users as well. 

Below are several links for accessing or configuring the remote control panel:

AltaLink® C81XX Family: Use the Remote Control Panel Feature

AltaLink® B81XX Family: Enable, Access and Use the Remote Control Panel Feature

VersaLink® B400 / B405, VersaLink® B600 / B610, VersaLink® B605 / B615, VersaLink® C400 / C405, VersaLink® C500 / C600, VersaLink® C505 / C605: How to Access the Remote Control Panel Feature

VersaLink® B70XX and C70XX Families How to Configure the Remote Control Panel Feature/ Configure User Access and How to Use the Remote Control Panel Feature

WorkCentre® 7800 Series: Access the Remote Control Panel

The Remote Control Panel is an interactive, real time interface to the printer.  With this tool, you can make changes to settings just as you would if you were standing at the printer and using the touch screen.  System administrators can program the printer and troubleshoot issues from their PC, even if at a remote location. Additionally, the remote control panel can be used to train users or walk them through a print, fax or scan set-up.

The Remote Control Panel is a tool that allows users to get help quickly and remain focused on the business of their work. See if it is something you can use to save time and improve your work processes!

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