A Few of My Favorite Apps

I just want to share with you a few of my favorite apps from the App Gallery. These apps have been around for a little while and I don’t want you to overlook them. They might make your work processes faster and easier.   

Xerox® Note Converter App

The Xerox Note Converter App converts handwritten notes or documents. The notes are then converted to a fully editable format – Microsoft Word. 

Once in the Word format, edit and share what were once handwritten notes. This is a great app for those of us that still find handwritten notes useful in some situations.

The app supports 19 languages. Obviously the neater the writing the easier it is for the converter. Doctors for instance may not find the app helpful. The app is available from the App Gallery.  

Find out more about this app in the blog article Xerox Note Converter App written by Craig Ephraim.

Xerox Auto-Redaction App

The Xerox Auto-Redaction App can be programmed to redact personally identifiable information (PII) using your Xerox ConnectKey enabled device. The app can help you protect your customers’ Social Security Numbers, home addresses, medical conditions, credit card numbers and so much more. This personal information is redacted right at your printer.  

The app will be helpful in managing PII in legal, healthcare, and government documents or any industry that needs to redact information. The app is available in the app gallery. There is even a free trial of 30 days or 100 pages whichever comes first.  

Read about this app and see screenshots of the app in the blog article Redaction Needs? There’s an App for That! written by Craig Ephraim.  

Xerox Translate and Print

Eliminate language barriers instantly. The Xerox Translate and Print App utilize state-of-the-art technology to provide instant machine translations on your Xerox ConnectKey Technology-enabled multifunction printer (MFP). You just walk up, scan your document in, and receive it back in the language of your choice. It couldn’t be any simpler. Quickly receive your translated document in printed form, and/or an editable Microsoft® Word (.docx) version emailed to one or more email addresses. Instant translations in over 44 languages are just a scan away. The Translate and Print app is available in the Xerox App Gallery.

So now your Xerox multifunction printer can potentially copy, scan, fax, print, and translate!

Xerox Audio Documents App

Have you ever wished someone would just read that long business document to you? Are you an auditory learner that comprehends better when you hear something? We may have a solution for you. Xerox Audio Documents App is an app available for use with your ConnectKey Technology enabled multifunction printer that will convert a hard copy document to an audio file.

How does it work? Open the app, enter your email, source language, settings and scan your document at the Xerox ConnectKey multifunction printer. An MP3 link is sent to the email address you specified. Open the file and listen to your document. Xerox Audio Documents app supports document submission in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese. 

Great time saver just have your documents read to you wherever and whenever.

These favorite apps of mine are all timesaving, convenient apps that can improve your productivity. Try them for yourself!!

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