Redaction Needs? There’s an App for That!

It’s in the news a lot these days.  “Personally Identifiable Information”, or PII.  Everybody has some.  Quite a bit of it, in fact.  Social Security numbers, birth dates, credit card numbers, email addresses, medical conditions, telephone numbers, home addresses.  It’s out there more and more all the time.  And, I’m not happy about that.  Keep your hands off my PII! 

Your clients are also concerned that you know too much about them. Keeping their PII secure is a big responsibility.   But, you got this.

Introducing the Xerox Auto-Redaction App, our latest app that allows your Xerox ConnectKey-enabled devices to act as your personal redaction service.  Available now for download from the Xerox App Gallery, the Xerox Auto-Redaction App can help you protect your customers’ PII, whether they are managing legal, healthcare, or government documents to name a few.

The app allows you to select from an ever-growing number of standard redaction items and to optionally create custom presets or templates that can be saved and re-used in your particular workflows.

Additionally, you can create custom redaction items simply, by typing in words or phrases that you want to keep private.  Want to redact the code name for an internal program?  Create a custom redaction for it.  Want to redact prices off a quote?  Use the dollar $ sign in a new custom item and select “Words Containing”.

You can even preview what the redacted pages will look like before having them printed and/or emailed to you or others as a PDF file. If emailed, recipients can open the PDF file with a redaction editor like Adobe Acrobat Pro and make any additional edits that may be required.

Not located in the US?  No problem!  In addition to the redaction items that have common formatting across the globe, like dates, time, addresses, and names, the Xerox Auto-Redaction App also supports certain country-specific redaction items, like US SSN vs. the Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN).  Simply select the region you are in to see those additional redactable items.

Think about how useful this could have been for Paul Manafort’s lawyer!

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