Xerox® Print and Scan Experience App for V4 Print Architecture


The Xerox® Print and Scan Experience application provides a touch-friendly user interface for the driver. The interface is accessible when printing from Windows Store applications by clicking ‘More settings’ at the bottom-left of the Print pane. This is a unique ability of the V4 driver, V3 drivers cannot present custom UIs within Windows Store applications like Photos, Maps or PDF Reader Application.

The app can also be launched as a stand-alone application to provide additional functionality such as scan documents, direct PDF print submission, job status, and device configuration. To access it as a stand-alone application, click the Windows start menu button and type ‘Xerox’ to search. The application should display as one of the top results.

The Xerox Print and Scan Experience application is available from the Microsoft® Store and it supports all Xerox V4 Drivers.  The application is usually auto installed from the Microsoft Store when a V4 Print Driver is installed on your system. The Xerox® Print and Scan Experience app is supported on Windows 10 v1803 or higher operating systems.  The app is one component of the Xerox® V4 Print and Scan Platform and can be used as a standalone app. Xerox works directly with Microsoft to develop the evolving Windows V4 print architecture.

V4 Print Driver

Xerox V4 product specific drivers describe the device capabilities and its feature set. They are supported on Windows 8.x, Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012 and later operating systems and are available at the Drivers & Downloads tab of the support page for V4 driver supported devices. The V4 print drivers are digitally signed with a Microsoft certificate in accordance with the Microsoft WHQL requirements.

Additional Information Resources

Supported Devices can be found in section 3 of the Xerox V4 Print and Scan Platform Overview

Additional details on Version 4 print architecture, refer to Microsoft V4 Printer driver overview.

For information on Xerox Smart Start Installer, refer to Xerox Software Solutions, Smart Start Printer Installer.

Overview of the Xerox V3 and V4 Print Driver Platforms refer to the white paper about the driver platforms.

For information on Xerox Print Driver Comparison, refer to Xerox Print Driver Driver Comparison Fact Sheet.

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