Xerox Certificate Remediation Utility: Fault Code 016-426 Revisited

An updated fix for the fault code 016-426 that is being seen on some of the VersaLink, PrimeLink, WorkCentre 6515 and Phaser 6510 printers has been released. A new utility, the Xerox Certificate Remediation Utility (XCRU), is now available to push the fix to the certificates in bulk to your fleet of affected printers.

The utility comes with a User Guide in the .ZIP file that will explain the prerequisites, how to install and use the utility, and the list of compatible products. Please read the user guide completely before using the utility.  You will also need to check the firmware installed on your printer. Make sure it is compatible with the XCRU.  

The utility should make it easier to install the fix on multiple printers.  To find the utility follow this link or navigate to the support page for one of the models of your printers that is displaying the fault or needs the certificates updated.  On the support page select the Drivers & Download tab and scroll down to Utilities & Applications. There you will find the XCRU, download the .ZIP file.  Find the user guide in the language you prefer.

A little review of the situation: Xerox has observed that some installed devices are displaying the fault code 016-426 and are not connecting successfully to the Xerox Global Remote Services systems.  The issue is due to a recently expired certificate included with the device firmware. The loss of this communication means that the meter reads, supplies replenishment information, and maintenance information has stopped being transmitted and reported.  This can impact billing and stop you from getting supplies in a timely fashion. 

The original remedy using a clone file was tested and published, but it was applied for each machine one at a time.  The new XCRU is available to push the fix of the certificates in bulk to your fleet of printers, saving lots of time and hassle. 

If you have questions or concerns about the Xerox Certificate Remediation Utility, please contact your local support centre

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