Xerox Remote Services Part Two: How to Stay Connected to Remote Services

It’s important to connect and stay connected to Xerox Remote Services. These services enable printers on your network to continue sending metered billing accurately, and allow them to be replenished according to your plan.

Please review Xerox Remote Services: Part One: The Advantages of Connectivity for more information on how these support meter reads and save you time and energy when it comes to reporting your meter reads.

Most current Xerox equipment comes with Xerox Device Direct functionality embedded directly inside. Some Xerox devices require a simple and free download called Xerox Device Agent – Lite (XDA-Lite). To see which option is available for your device  please review the Products supported by Remote Services website. 

Here are some important tips keeping your device or devices connected to Xerox Remote Services and ensuring you get all the benefits of networked printing and metered billing. at Xerox.

  • If you are using Xerox Device Agent – Lite (XDA-Lite)* to communicate back to Xerox, the software should be installed on a computer that’s always up and running. Connectivity will be lost anytime the computer is turned off.
  • Ensure that the XDA – Lite is up to date with the latest software version, available on the Support tab in the Xerox Remote Services Support and Software knowledgebase.   
  • Ensure your printer has the latest software version loaded for any products that have customer installable software.  Confirm you have the latest software by checking the Drivers & Downloads tab on your printer’s support page  under the firmware heading. 
  • Watch for security bulletins by subscribing to our free Xerox RSS feeds notifying you about patches or upgrades on connectivity. For instance, you can receive an upgrade for security certificates that have expired, avoiding   unnecessary device disconnections
  • Ensure that connectivity is not disrupted when/if your Information Technology (IT) department makes changes to your network.

These tips should help you maintain your connection to Xerox so that the information about supplies, meter reads, and diagnostics can be reported in a timely fashion.  Saving you time and effort. You can confidently know that your printer is taking care of the information reporting for you.  

*Xerox Device Agent – Lite (XDA-Lite) is a free Device Manager software application that not only enables Xerox Remote Print Services for the machine, but also provides a fleet management application that allows you to view the status of all Xerox Devices on your network right at your desktop.

Below is the link to install Xerox Device Agent (XDA Lite) software application US and Canadian versions.

Link to XDA (Xerox Device Agent)

Link to Canadian XDA (Xerox Device Agent)

Link to User Guide

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