Before You Restart Your Engines

Ready…Set…Wait! Did you know that long periods of inactivity or improper cleaning of surfaces can wreak havoc on your printer?

COVID-19 has caused many printers to sit idle in less than perfect environments which can cause several issues:

  • Dry Ink may compact or solidify.
  • Paper or media may become damp or damaged which can cause poor image quality and jamming. 
  • Systems that have been turned off for a period of time, once restarted will often have Windows OS software attempting to update in the background. This may cause slow performance issues.

To avoid common problems check out the helpful tips waiting for you on  When you are ready to start printing again, click on the Restart Your Engines banner and Let’s Go! Various knowledgebase articles outlining the recommended steps to make sure your product performs properly will display. All you need to do is select your product from the menu on the left side, under the Product / Model and your product’s article will surface.   Open it up and follow the steps!

The main steps to ensure proper printer performance are to:

Stabilize the Environment. Make sure the temperature and humidity are within specifications.

Turn on your printer then your Digital Front End if one is present.

Allow the printer to come to ready. Check for messages on the display and follow all prompts.

Replace paper or media that appears damp, wrinkled or damaged.

Test the performance by running a job or two.

How to properly clean Xerox Print Devices is an area that Xerox has focused on during this pandemic. Xerox has established a COVID-19 Response team that meets regularly to monitor developments and guidance from governments and public health organizations. Information regarding customer, printer, and employee safety is available on Click on the How Xerox is Responding to COVID-19 link for more information on what range of actions have been taken, as well as how to properly clean Xerox Print Devices to ensure your safety, and that of the products you have.

Happy Printing & Welcome Back!!

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