Manage Your Document Workflow

Have you ever really thought about your document workflows?  How does your document get from your PC, Tablet or smartphone to the printer?  You might be missing an opportunity to save money and streamline your work processes by not looking at your document workflow.

To help you critically look at your document processes Xerox has several tools to help.  Today we are going to look at the Document Workflow Management workbook.  The workbook will take you through a checklist to help you look at your process and find some places where you might be able to save some money and time.

Navigate to the Document Workflow Management Workbook site and click on the “Get the Workbook” button.  You can open it, save it or print it out.  I suggest printing it so that you can write your answers on the checklist provided.

The workbook will help you assess the current state of your document processes, showing you where your money and resources are going at this time.  The workbook will then help you to see where your processes can become more efficient and save you money. You will see how your workflow can become more efficient and easier for your users and free up your IT people to do other things.

After going through the workbook you will have identified ways to save on paper and toner.  You will also identify savings in productivity and IT support time.  Give the document workflow management site a look and review that workbook it could help you save time and money.

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