Xerox Ready Install: New Printers Configured Remotely

Xerox Ready Install is a program that enables a Ready Install Analyst to configure your new Xerox printer or multifunction printer.  The analyst will, at your convenience and with your approval, remotely access your printer to complete the network configuration on your printer(s).

The Xerox Ready Analysts use industry leading remote access tools to configure your Xerox device(s) through the cloud.  Xerox Ready Install provides secure encrypted technology-based device configuration and it is the most effective way to expedite network connectivity.

Xerox Ready Install service is an alternative to having Xerox resources come to your site for new device installation support.  It is a “green” alternative that keeps service vehicles off the roads, also eliminating the possibility of missed appointments due to traffic. By using the Xerox Ready Install service, you can schedule the implementation of your new equipment when it is most convenient for you, saving you time and unnecessary hassle.

Here is how it works, first we will discuss what is required for the Ready Install implementation and you will select a time for implementation that is convenient for you.  After your new equipment arrives, using the secure Ready Install tools, your Xerox Ready Analyst will enable the features on your Xerox device. The video below will give you a quick overview of Xerox Ready Install.

Working with you and your Xerox Supply Chain partners, we simplify the device configuration to get you up and running as quickly as possible.  Depending on the configuration, Xerox Ready Install takes on average 30 minutes per device and the device will be fully operational once complete.

Let’s look at the requirements and what can be configured.


  • A computer with Internet connectivity located on the same network as the new Xerox device
  • An IT contact to ensure a smooth install and to provide any required network credentials to configure the device or print drivers.

What can be configured:

  • Machine IP Address
  • Hostname
  • Domain information
  • DNS information
  • Clone Files
  • Software Upgrade
  • Energy Settings
  • Date/Time Settings
  • Display Settings
  • Printing and Copy Defaults
    • Banner Sheets
    • Held Jobs
    • Alternate Paper
    • Paper Management
  • Scan to Email
  • LDAP
  • Active Directory
  • Network Authentication
  • Network Scanning
    • SMB
    • FTP
  • Workflow Scanning
  • Fax
    • Embedded Fax
    • Fax Forward
    • Internet Fax
  • Xerox® Standard Accounting Feature
    • Users
    • Groups
    • Limits
    • User Roles
  • Security
    • Image Overwrite
    • Secure Print
  • Print Drivers Deployment
    • Server Environments
    • Max 3 PC’s or Mac
  • PCL 6
  • PostScript
  • Address Book
    • Up to 5 entries

Please let your Xerox representative know if you have any questions about Xerox Ready Install. For additional information, please look at the Xerox Ready Install brochure and website.

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  1. Abdul Majid Khan May 10, 2021 - Reply

    Mopria app giving error(Printer blocked) on xerox 5855.
    Workplace app,(scan option work fine but copies and print option giving error,”printer is not responding”.
    Note:Print share app work fine on MFP.
    I have performed troubleshooting such as,
    a)firmware upgrade,
    b)perform(android spooler(clear,catch)also.
    c)check Remote scan “enabled”.
    All is vail!!!!!!!!!
    Best regards,

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