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What does One for Many mean? Well it means that if one person finds a solution or corrects a solution or adds on to a solution, we want that information to be available to many as soon as possible.

Our mission in support is to get you the answers and solutions you need as easily and quickly as possible so that you can get back to your business.  The Knowledge Management platform is the process we use to update our knowledgebase on a continual basis using information gathered from multiple sources and from interactions with you, the customer.  As new information is discovered or new solutions are found the information in the knowledgebase is updated to reflect the new information.

Your feedback is also important to help revise the knowledgebase with current and up to date information.  Please leave use your feedback so that we can continue to improve and expand the online support to serve you better. There is a “Provide Feedback ” link on every solution currently in the online support knowledgebases. Below you will see an example of the feedback link you might see on a solution in the online support.

The online support is evergreen and updated as required as new issues are seen or new answers are found.  Your experiences help us help you and others.

These knowledgebases are online for you to access 24 hours a day.  These knowledgebases are also used by our support personnel worldwide to help provide you answers when you contact support via phone, email or Fast Track to the Expert form.

Take look at this video to see how the Knowledge Management process works.

As our support personnel and technicians work with you, our customer, they are continually learning new ways to do things, finding new answers to issues and fine tuning solutions. Together we can continue to fine tune our processes and online support so they are as helpful as they can be.

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