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Voice Recognition and Your Xerox ConnectKey Device

Aug 1, 2017|ConnectKey, Technology|

A conversation overheard in an office recently.

Sandy: Alexa tell Xerox to make 3 copies double sided

Alexa: Ok you want to make 3 double sided copies. Please

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    Time to Clean Your Xerox Printer and Avoid Image Quality Issues

Time to Clean Your Xerox Printer and Avoid Image Quality Issues

Jul 28, 2017|General Information, Online Support Assistant|

I have a question for you all, how often do you clean your Xerox product(s)? Can’t remember the last time? Assume that someone else takes care

Xerox Printers and Multifunction Devices and the Summertime

Jul 25, 2017|General Information, Printing, Technology|

I am not sure where you are right now as you read this blog but I am in Texas and it is Hot and Humid!! Basic

Bling Your Image – Xerox® Specialty Dry Inks

Jul 21, 2017|Printing, Technology|

This article is for a Specialty ink that is available on just certain printers but I want you all to know about the possibilities with the

Xerox DocuShare Flex Revisited

Jul 18, 2017|ConnectKey, Features, Technology|

See that picture above?  That is how collaboration and document reviews have been done for decades. Documents are revised with all those little notes and highlights