A New Resolution

2023 is nearly here!  The final days of 2022 are winding down and coming to a close. On New Year’s Eve we will celebrate with toasts and cheers with our loved ones.  New Year’s resolutions will be made, and we will start the year with enthusiasm for the possibilities ahead.

While we’re on the topic of New Year’s resolutions, may we suggest one for your consideration. Why not learn one or two new things about the Xerox printer that you use on a regular basis? Maybe there’s a feature that you do not know how to use and taking advantage of it would save you a few steps and a few minutes each day. Or maybe it allows you to do something you did not think was possible.

Browsing through our video library at the Xerox Support YouTube channel may give you some ideas and features to explore. Perusing the user guide for your printer may reveal capabilities you did not know were there. You can find them at www.Xerox.com/support by searching for documentation for your particular printer model.

It’s not a life changing resolution, but it just may be something that makes that little bit of difference to your work life in 2023.

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