Xerox® Desktop Print Experience App Install Error 0x800f020b in Windows Update

The Xerox® Desktop Print Experience App provides the user the ability to select additional features when utilizing the V4 print architecture to print from the PC.   Xerox has recently enabled automatic installation and update of this app through Windows Update, starting with app version 5.0 (7.192.8).

When a customer creates a print queue using a V4 driver for a supported device, Windows Update will download and install the companion application automatically.  Furthermore, when Xerox releases new versions of the Xerox Desktop Print Experience App users will receive the new version through Windows Update.  

Currently a bug in Windows Update results in some Windows 10 users seeing an “Install error – 0x800f020b” each time Windows checks for updates (typically once a day).   Note that this error does not hinder printing, or any other Windows Update functions, but we recognize it can be an annoyance.   

This issue was raised with Microsoft and has been fixed in Windows 10 version 21H2 – released on November 16, 2021.  Microsoft intends to also include the fix in updates of versions 20H1, 20H2, 21H1, and Windows 11 sometime in the first quarter of 2022.  The Microsoft updates that resolve this issue should be automatically applied through the normal Windows Update process when they become available.

The automatic update process currently applies to the following products:

  • AltaLink B8045/B8055/B8065/B8075/B8090
  • AltaLink B8145/B8155/B8170
  • AltaLink C8030/C8035/C8045/C8055/C8070
  • AltaLink C8130/C8135/C8145/C8155/C8170
  • Phaser 3330; WorkCentre 3335/3345
  • Phaser 3610; WorkCentre 3615
  • Phaser 6510; WorkCentre 6515
  • Phaser 6600N/6600DN; WorkCentre 6605N/6605DN
  • VersaLink B400 Printer; VersaLink B405 Mutifunction Printer (MFP)
  • VersaLink B600/B610 Printer; VersaLink B605//B615 MFP
  • VersaLink B7025/7030/7035 MFP
  • VersaLink C400 Color Printer; VersaLink C405 Color MFP
  • VersaLink C500/C600 Color Printer; VersaLink C505/C605 Color MFP
  • VersaLink C7000 Printer; VersaLink C7020/7025/7030 MFP
  • WorkCentre 3655 MFP
  • WorkCentre 5945/5955
  • WorkCentre 6655
  • WorkCentre 7220/7225
  • WorkCentre 7525/7530/7535/7545/7556
  • WorkCentre 7830/7835/7845/7855
  • Xerox B225/235 MFP; Xerox B230 Printer
  • Xerox B310 Printer
  • Xerox C235 Color MFP; Xerox C230 Printer
  • Xerox EC8036/8056
  • Xerox PrimeLink B9100/9110/9125/9136 Copier Printer
  • Xerox PrimeLink C9065/9070 Printer

And is also being rolled out to the following additional products in the coming weeks:

  • ColorQube 8580/8880
  • Phaser 7500DT, 7500DN, 7500DX, 7500N
  • VersaLink C8000/C9000 Color Printer
  • WorkCentre 5735/5740/5745/5755/5765/5775/5790
  • WorkCentre 5845/5855/5865/5875/5890
  • WorkCentre 7970
  • WorkCentre E7836/7856
  • Xerox B1022/1025 MFD
  • Xerox Color C60/C70

Refer to the following document for additional details on the Automatic Installation Behavior – Xerox® Desktop Print Experience App

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