UPDATE: Printers Communicating Billing Meters and Toner Levels

UPDATE: The deadline to make these updates has changed to February 15, 2022. Don’t delay and take time now to make sure you will not experience a disruption in automatic meter reads and automatic supplies replenishment (ASR) services.


You are on the time-saving bandwagon and you’ve enabled your Xerox printers to send their billing meters automatically to Xerox. You may also be receiving toner and other supplies automatically from Xerox based on your printers reporting their supplies levels regularly. It has been a hands-off process that you’ve relied upon for perhaps several years. Let’s make sure you will not experience a disruption in those helpful features of your Xerox printers.

Effective February 15, 2022, Xerox printers on software versions which are not using the latest industry standard for transmission protocols will no longer be able to deliver data into Xerox servers for billing and other services. The latest standards have been available for quite some time which means it’s time to discontinue previous protocols.

How do you know if your Xerox printers are affected by this? Please read our Technical Bulletin here. In most cases, it’s a matter of ensuring the software of your printer is at the minimum level required to continue communications. Links to the software for each affected printer model are provided in the bulletin for convenience.   Remember there are resources available at www.xerox.com/support to help you. And if you have a question for our Digital Support experts, with the CareAR app it is as if they are there with you, seeing what you are seeing. Read our CareAR blog for more information.

For some product models, it’s important to know that to continue sending billing meters and toner levels a device manager application, such as Xerox Device Agent, will need to be installed on a networked PC. The application will collect the billing and toner data and send it to Xerox on the printer’s behalf. A device manager application is especially useful when you have multiple printers affected by this change since it can handle up to 2,000 printers at once.

Act soon and be sure you don’t fall off the remote services time-saving bandwagon!

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