YouTube Xerox Support Channel: Fast and Informative

I am not sure when YouTube went from a platform for amateur singers and crazy cat videos to a way to learn how to do just about anything, but the YouTube Xerox Support Channel began years ago and adds content frequently.  Sorry, no cat videos.

The YouTube Xerox Support Channel is continuing to grow.  Recently videos for PrimeLink, AltaLink, the Predict Media Manager, Xerox B-Series, and C-Series, and more have been added.

Currently, there are over 1,100 videos. The videos cover subjects such as setting up your machine, connecting to wi-fi, and cleaning your printer.  With so much variety you are sure to find a video that will help you with a question or issue with your product.  You might find a video that will introduce you to a new product or feature that could help with your work processes. 

You can easily find all the videos for a particular product model using our Playlists which group them for you. No need to perform a search.

The videos are “shorts” — approximately 2 minutes in length. Sample some of the videos. Subscribe to the channel so that you can find them easily next time you have a question about your machine(s).

YouTube, as you know, is a way to find quick answers to so many questions about how to do things. Quick answers is why we have created this channel. For instance, this video shows how to Scan to Email on the new Xerox C235/B235 MFPs.

These videos are great tools for training a new user or help an existing user fix an issue with the machine. Having the addition of the visual of the machine, parts, screens, etc. makes it easier to translate the process to your machine.

Check out the channel and watch some videos in the areas or on the machine model(s) that interest you. This channel is one more way to share the knowledge with you in a convenient and accessible format. There really is something for everyone on the Xerox Support Channel.

We welcome your input on these videos. Give us thumbs up for those you find useful and thumbs down on the videos that are not helpful.  Your ratings will help us to know what type of videos are most helpful to you.  You can also leave us a comment to let us know what you would like to see.

The Xerox Support YouTube channel is one more way to get support in a format that is convenient and helpful to you.

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