Information on Color printing

The New Calendars are Here!!

By |Nov 17, 2017|

It is that time of year when the holidays have crept up on us again!! With the holidays comes the release of the 2018 Xerox Calendar!!

Be Noticed – Using Color in Print

By |Apr 14, 2017|

Color, it can attract, influence, and even increase retention.  Color is a powerful tool for any business.  The way you present your company’s ideas with the use of color in

Xerox Solid Ink

By |Jan 20, 2017|

Xerox solid ink, let’s take a look at these big crayons. That is what they are big blocks of resin-based non-toxic color that are melted in

Xerox is Ready for the Holidays – Are You?

By |Nov 18, 2016|

The holidays have crept up on us again!! I don’t know about you but I find it hard to believe that in less than a week

Xerox Direct to Object Inkjet Printer

By |Sep 13, 2016|

This article is just for fun and to introduce you to a new kind of printer.  I am continually amazed at the advancements in printing that