Xerox ConnectKey Apps for Legal Document Management

Lawyers:  the brunt of many jokes.  They are both feared and loathed.  But, I’ll tell you what.  I wouldn’t want their job.

Not only do they have to spend their days “translating” legalese so that their clients can understand them, but, according to LexisNexis, 77% of legal professionals say they’re overwhelmed by information.  Who could blame them?  So many clients.  So many matters.  So many documents per matter.

Thankfully for them, there are some great options to help them with their document management needs.  For example, in the SMB space, Clio is the industry-leading legal practice management cloud service.  For larger law offices or corporate legal departments, iManage leads the pack for document management.  But, how do they get those hardcopy documents they receive during “discovery” into these systems?  With Xerox ConnectKey apps and ConnectKey-enabled multifunction devices, of course!

Xerox now offers the Xerox Connect App for Clio and the Xerox Connect App for iManage via the Xerox App Gallery.  While both apps allow the user to log into their Clio or iManage accounts and scan documents directly into client and/or matter folders, they also allow for searching, previewing, and printing of documents already stored in those repositories right from within the app.

Another concern shared by small law firms is that up to 5.6 hours of billable work daily are not charged back to their customers.  To help them, the Xerox Connect App for Clio has an Expense Tracking feature that allows the user to record reimbursable scanning and printing fees, a unique feature on the marketplace.

Lawyers:  they like productivity improvements, too.  And, Xerox is here to help them!

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