Settings Report: Know Your Printer

Let’s talk about the Configuration, System or Settings Report (the name of your report may vary depending on your machine model). This report has tons of information about the machine and can be so helpful for so many reasons. The report will tell you what options you have available, which options are enabled and how your machine is set up. The report tells you how your defaults are set and the IP address if it is a networked printer. These are just a very few of the items listed on the report.

The video below shows how easy it is to print the configuration, system or settings report. This video is for the Xerox AltaLink family of printers but the steps are similar on most machines.

Why should you print this report? There are several good answers to that question,  if you have a service call placed it may help the technician solve the issue or it can help you reset any options that may be changed during the call. If you buy or have another machine you can use the report to set the machine up the same way. If you use  Support and Drivers, call in for support or use Chat the report may be needed to find out information about your machine. Finally, if the office gremlin changes something when no one is looking you can use the report to reset your settings.

It is a good idea to print the report periodically so you have a current one on hand if the need arises. Some people leave the report at the machine or store it in a folder near the machine. You will see some things that don’t really make sense like random numbers and letters, but surprisingly that stuff actually makes sense to somebody. To find out how to print the report just go to the Support and Drivers Page on and enter your model number. Search on configuration or settings to find the instructions for printing the report.

Many machines have an option to have the configuration report print automatically when the machine is turned on. That may be too much for some users and become a waste of paper. The automatically print the configuration page on power on setting can be disabled so that it will not print out automatically but you can still print the report on demand. To find the instructions for turning off the automatic print just search on configuration and look for the case titled How To Enable or Disable the Configuration / Startup Page When the Printer is Powered ON or something similar and follow the instructions.

Please consider printing out the configuration/settings report so that you have it handy when you need it.

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