Windows Pop-up When You Try to Print

Are you getting a Windows Pop-up window when you try to print to your Xerox printer?  You are not alone.  If you have recently updated Windows 10 64-bit Pro to version 1903 build 18362.267 you may see the pop-up.  The pop-up is asking you to sign in or create an account.

Here is a short explanation of what is happening – the Windows update installs Office as an app even if you already have the full Office suite installed.  You can uninstall the Office app but as soon as you send a print command, the app will automatically reinstall and the pop-up window displays. If you are using accounting on the Xerox printer, the pop-up from Windows displays at about the same time the pop-up for entering your accounting code displays.  Below is a screenshot of the pop-up window you might see.

You will also see the pop-up even if you do not have accounting enabled on your printer.  Therefore, accounting is not the issue.  The issue happens on several models of Xerox printers and multifunction printers.  Microsoft says it is an issue with Xerox and Xerox says it is an issue with Microsoft.  Both may be partially right.  It seems to have started with the Microsoft update for Windows everything seemed fine before the update. 

Regardless of why or how it happened, let’s fix it so you do not get that pop-up. The fix is to uninstall the product specific driver and install the Xerox Global Print driver. Using the Global driver either PS or PCL seems to fix the issue. 

Find the current Global Drivers on the Drivers & Downloads page for the Global Driver. Please see the instructions for installing the Global Driver here.  If not automatically selected, make sure that you manually select the correct Device Compatibility Pack (DCP) for your printer.  For instructions on selecting the DCP please see the Device Compatibility Pack Customer Tip.

This should fix the problem of that pesky little pop-up window.  Let us know if it works for you or not by leaving us a comment here in the comment section of the blog. 

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  1. Naleem Ibrahim September 19, 2019 - Reply

    Thanks Xerox, after installing Global Driver problem Resoled.

    • Cheryl Otstott September 19, 2019 - Reply

      Hi Naleem,
      Thanks for reading the blog and taking the time to let us know it worked for you. I appreciate your comment.

  2. Helder Relvas October 4, 2019 - Reply


    The Global driver resolve the issue but now i cannot select the output destination to the Center Tray of my Xerox WorkCentre 7220 , can you help ?

    Best Regards

    • Cheryl Otstott January 13, 2020 - Reply

      Hi Helder,
      Thank you for reading the blog. You should be able to select your printer, WorkCentre 7220 from the list of available printers as you install the driver. If you choose your printer you should then get most of the features of the original driver interface. If it is not working you can try uninstalling, reboot your PC and reinstalling the Global Driver and choose your machine model. If this does not help please consider contacting your local support centre.

  3. Michael William November 8, 2019 - Reply

    Thanks for sharing information…keep posting..

    • Cheryl Otstott January 22, 2020 - Reply

      Hi Michael,
      Thanks for reading the blog, I am glad you found the information helpful and I appreciate you taking the time to write a comment.

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