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Let’s talk about a couple of features used in the basic copy function of Xerox copiers and multifunction printers –  Edge erase and Image shift. These layout adjustments help to give you the highest quality copies possible by adjusting some of the edge and alignment issues you might encounter if you use a less than perfect original.

The Edge Erase will allow you to erase marks on copies that are made by punched holes, staples, headers, footers and any other stray marks in the margins. By modifying the edge deletion parameters you can eliminate those unsightly marks so your copy will look clean and show no evidence of the holes or staples. With the edge erase feature you can choose All Edges which will produce a consistent margin erase on all margins from 0 to 2 inches in size. The Individual Edges independently erases each margin in differing amounts between 0 to 2 inches. The Individual Edges feature gives you more flexibility; you can choose top, bottom, left or right and repeat the setting for 2 sided copies. Below shows the Edge Erase screen, your screen may look a little different depending on the model of the machine you are using.

The Image Shift feature is a layout adjustment feature that will allow you to auto center the copy or adjust the image shift independently using the margin shift or the preset shift right / left and shift up / down features. The image can be shifted in an amount from 0 to 2 inches. Copies can also be made with a margin added to the top, bottom, left, or right. When making two-sided prints, the shift position can be set for both side one and side two. The image below shows the Image Shift screen, again your display may be different it will depend on the model machine you are using.

To find the instructions for using these features on your machine access the support page for your model and then search on edge erase or image shift. Try incorporating these features next time you have a less than perfect original that you need to copy. You will be surprised at how much better your copy will look.

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