Online Troubleshooting with Your Print Driver and ConnectKey Printer

How to Start an Online Troubleshooting Session using your Print Driver and ConnectKey Printer

Let’s say you get one of those desktop notifications that says there is a problem with your ConnectKey printer. You’re greeted with a fault code and sometimes a description of that code. Did you know you could get solutions to your printer’s problems right from your desktop? Here’s how:

  1. Select the notification in the lower right corner
  2. This will open the Print Driver window. Select “Troubleshooting…”
  3. When you select Troubleshooting, fault data is sent from your printer to Xerox. In a matter of seconds that fault data is analyzed, and a link to our Knowledge Base for your specific problem is presented in your web browser:
  4. Select the link to access the article for your specific problem:

And just like that, you have a solution to your printer’s issue.

Note: For Online Troubleshooting to work properly, Remote Services needs to be enabled and v3 or v4 print driver must be installed on your PC. Refer to the chart for supported products, Remote Services Knowledge Base for enablement instructions and Driver support link for necessary print driver.

Troubleshooting Supported Products Enable Remote Services Knowledge Base Driver Support
AltaLink B8045/55/65/75/90 How To Enable AltaLink B8045/55/65/75/90 Drivers
AltaLink C8030/35/45/55/70 How to Enable AltaLink C8030/35/45/55/70 Drivers
VersaLink B400/405, B605/615, B7025/30/35 How to Enable VersaLink B400/405 Drivers
WorkCentre 7220/25 How to Enable WorkCentre 7220/25 Drivers
WorkCentre 7830/35/45/55 How to Enable WorkCentre 7830/35/45/55 Drivers
WorkCentre7970 How to Enable WorkCentre7970 Drivers
WorkCentre 5835/40/45/55 How to Enable WorkCentre 5835/40/45/55 Drivers
WorkCentre 5945/5955 How to Enable WorkCentre 5945/5955 Drivers
WorkCentre 3335/45 How to Enable WorkCentre 3335/45 Drivers
WorkCentre 3655 How to Enable WorkCentre 3655 Drivers
WorkCentre 4265 How to Enable WorkCentre 4265 Drivers
WorkCentre 6515 How to Enable WorkCentre 6515 Drivers
WorkCentre 6655 How to Enable WorkCentre 6655 Drivers


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