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Does October 22, 1938 Mean Anything to You?

Oct 20, 2017|General Information, Printing, Technology|

October 22,1938 means something to you even if you don’t realize it. You see Sunday October 22, 2017, is the 79th anniversary of the day the

Xerox’s Project: Set The Page Free™

Oct 17, 2017|ConnectKey, General Information, Technology|

Have you been keeping up with the Xerox’s Project: Set The Page Free? If you have aren’t you enjoying the unique and creative perspectives about the

Xerox Secure Print Feature

Oct 13, 2017|Printing, Security, Support Tools|

Secure Print is a super hero: Easier than a cryptogram, more powerful than a snooping co-worker, able to secure data in a single, simple process, it’s

Don’t Want to Talk to Billing Reps?

Oct 10, 2017|General Information, Support Tools, Technology|

Why do the Billing Reps at Xerox keep calling me asking for Meter Reads? I wish the machine would send this data on its own and

PostScript Errors, PCL XL Errors? Possible Corruption!

Oct 6, 2017|Online Support Assistant, Printing, Technology|

Yes we are talking corruption! Did you know that files and drivers can both become corrupt? If this happens you can have issues when trying to