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Your Feedback Wanted!!

Jan 23, 2015|Online Support Assistant, Support Tools|

If you have been a frequent reader of this blog you know that I champion our Online Support in almost every blog. I must say I

Device Compatibility Pack Updates

Jan 20, 2015|Features, Printing, Support Tools|

A Device Compatibility Pack (DCP) is a compressed file archive containing product specific data including device images, driver constraints, device capabilities and more. The print drivers

You Are Invited to Join Us

Jan 16, 2015|General Information, Support Tools|

You probably thought this was an invite to a party, well in a way it is! We want you to get social with us in this

Xerox ConnectKey® Share to Cloud

Jan 13, 2015|Features, General Information, Technology|

Back in the day we had huge rooms full of file cabinets, that was our repository for documents. Now we have the cloud. I am not

Fault, Error, Problem Codes – Let’s Fix Them

Jan 9, 2015|General Information, Online Support Assistant, Support Tools|

Picture it — You are having a perfectly calm and uneventful day and then it happens…a fault code on the Xerox printer!! Your pulse quickens and