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Scheduling Print Jobs on the Xerox Printer

Feb 12, 2016|Features, Printing, Support Tools|

Do you have a big job to print? Do you want to avoid the scornful looks from co-workers as your 800 page job prints out? Well

Does the Billing Dept. at Xerox Call You for Meter Reads?

Feb 9, 2016|General Information, Support Tools, Technology|

Why does the Billing Dept. at Xerox keep calling me asking for Reads? Can this machine send its own Billing Meters or Supplies Data ?  I

Proof Prints and Sample Jobs: Saving Paper and Supplies

Feb 5, 2016|Features, Printing, Support Tools|

Don’t you love samples? So do I and I also love the Sample Set feature on my Xerox Multifunction printer. I can place a set of

Xerox Mobile Print Cloud 3.0 – We’ve Been Listening

Feb 2, 2016|Online Support Assistant, Printing, Technology|

Xerox Mobile Print Cloud 3.0 has new features and content added in response to feedback from you and our commitment to making mobile printing easier. With

Don’t Ignore that Message

Jan 29, 2016|General Information, Online Support Assistant, Support Tools|

Have you ever had a message come up on your machine and you do what it says but the message just won’t go away? It happens