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Scanning: Part 4 Server Message Block (SMB)

Oct 24, 2014|Features, General Information|

Welcome back to adventures in scanning. This time we will be looking at scanning using Server Message Block (SMB). The SMB protocol is an application layer

Scanning: Part 3 Using File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Oct 21, 2014|Features, General Information, Support Tools|

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is one of the ways you can scan from some Xerox multifunction devices (MFD) to your network. If you will be using

Scanning: Part 2 Prerequisites

Oct 17, 2014|Features, General Information, Online Support Assistant|

Welcome back to our series on scanning. Okay so we are ready to begin setting up the network / workflow scanning feature on your multifunction device.

Scanning: Part 1 An Introduction

Oct 14, 2014|Features, General Information, Online Support Assistant|

Scanning is a great way to organize your files, clear the clutter and cut down on filing and storage costs. Scanning allows you to scan an

Paper, Media, Papyrus, or Parchment

Oct 10, 2014|General Information, Printing, Technology|

Paper by any name is important to your printer and your print jobs.  The variety of available media or paper has expanded and many options are