Mother’s Day, Cardstock and Templates

Mother’s Day, cardstock and templates have an obvious connection: Mother’s Day greeting cards. With Mother’s Day this weekend, how about printing your own card?  It will be like the good old days when you made her one in school, but without all the glue and glitter.

In the Small Business Resource Center, we have templates for Mother’s Day cards that you can personalize and print. Make cards for your mom, grandmother, significant other, or even pet moms!! You can print them on your Xerox printer or multifunction device. Printing on cardstock ensures your greeting card looks and feels like it came right from the store.

Please use a cardstock that is on the recommended media list for your machine. You can also find paper specifications in the online support for your machine. Simply search on “Paper” and the paper specifications will display.  There are a few heavier weights of paper, such as Lightweight Cardstock (60 lb/163 gsm), Cardstock (80 lb/216 gsm), and Heavy Cardstock (100 lb/270 gsm), which are used for different applications, such as printed greeting cards.

It should be noted that when loading the paper and configuring the machine, heavier paper weights require the correct setting to ensure proper function of the printer. Failure to correctly configure the correct settings can lead to the following issues:

  • Printer internal components adjust pressure and speed for thicker paper – The printer electronically sets charges, heat and pressure depending on the paper weight setting. An incorrect weight setting can cause issues with friction applied and the print speed of the paper as it passes through the printer. This can cause paper to skew, slip, misfeed, jam, create image quality issues, or cause rapid wear to internal mechanics such as rollers.
  • Heavier paper fuses at a higher temperature – A heavier paper weight means the paper has more mass. A paper type with more mass means that it requires more heat for the paper to heat during the fusing process, which lets the toner properly bond with the paper. An incorrect weight setting can lead to issues such as images smearing or rubbing off.
  • Toner applied differently to different paper weights – Differences in paper weights require the toner be deposited using different charges to the paper. Incorrect tray settings can cause image quality issues such as mottled prints, deletions, poor print resolution or light or dark output.

There is a vast array of greeting cards templates for use on Mother’s Day and many other holidays and occasions. And don’t forget to adjust those settings to ensure great finished products.

Happy Mother’s Day and happy printing!!

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