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Are you using a Microsoft Office 365/Outlook account on your Xerox printer for scanning to email?  If so, changes that were made by Microsoft beginning October 1, 2022 will impact your ability to send email from your printer. These changes by Microsoft will affect most multifunction devices that email regardless of printer manufacturer. This will only affect you if you use Microsoft Outlook accounts in the printer. 

The Scan to Email Issue

Microsoft Office 365/Outlook is rolling out a two-step verification process to increase account security. An alternative to the two-step process is using the Microsoft Authenticator App. This means that using your username and password is no longer sufficient.

However, on printers (of any manufacturer, not just Xerox), the scan to email app is generally not designed for a two-step verification process. The solution is to follow Microsoft’s instructions for generating a one-time App Password for devices such as printers. An App Password is a long, random passcode that can be provided once to give an app or device permission to access your Microsoft Outlook email account.

Without the Microsoft Office 365 / Outlook App Password, the printer will cease to send emails, causing the user to believe there is an issue with the printer. 

The Suggested Fix

To setup the Microsoft Office 365 / Outlook App Password see Microsoft’s How to Use Two-Step Verification help article on this topic. See also Microsoft’s Using App Passwords help article.

Once the App Password is created, enter the password (without spaces) in place of the current scan to email SMTP authentication password using CentreWare Internet Services (CWIS). It can then be used by the printer to authenticate the email and enable scan to email functions.

Note: if you don’t have access to modify email settings or administrator (Admin) rights on your device please contact your System Administrator or IT department.

The process to update the authentication can vary depending on the Xerox printer model.  if there are any questions about where the password is input in the printer, search online support for your printer model. 

If you make the app password change but continue to have an issue with scan to email on your Xerox printer, please contact technical support for additional assistance.

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