Changing Back to Standard Time

Standard time is coming back this weekend to most of the United States and Canada, with the exception of Hawaii, most of Arizona, the Yukon and parts of Saskatchewan and British Columbia. The first question that comes to mind may be: does that mean one more hour of sleep, or one less? The good news is that we’re at the time of year when we gain an hour of sleep. Set your clocks back one hour at 2 a.m. on Sunday November 6th and enjoy the extra time!

In Europe the change to standard time was done a week earlier on Sunday October 30.

What does this have to do with Xerox printers? Time matters to Xerox printers and multifunction devices. They need to be set to the correct time. Otherwise, it can cause confusion.

Times may be incorrect on faxes, activity reports, banner pages and other time sensitive reports and activities. It is possible that printing will not work. If the printer is connected to a network and the printer and network are not set for the same time, it may cause the printer to not print.

Some devices will automatically handle the changes from daylight savings time and back to standard time if they are set up that way. For example, the instructions to set up daylight savings time on your Xerox® B225 or B235 printer are found here. Search on “daylight” in the online support for your printer model to learn how to set the daylight savings time option if your model includes this feature.

Many printers and multifunction printers have the Network Time Protocol (NTP) or Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) feature. This feature synchronizes the internal clock of the Xerox device over a network connection. SNTP or NTP must be enabled and configured at the device for this automatic feature to work.  For instructions on enabling SNTP or NTP, if available on your device, navigate to the support pages for your printer model and search on “NTP”. 

If you see that the printer time is incorrect and you need to change it, you can find instructions in the support pages for your printer model. Here are some quick links to help you find the instructions for the following models:

After enjoying your extra hour over the weekend please remember to check your printer or multifunction device on Monday November 7th to make sure it is set to the correct time.

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