Mother’s Day, Graduation and So Much More

Mother’s Day, graduation and many other important occasions happen during this time of the year.  Can you guess the connection between the events? We are talking about greeting cards.  Mother’s Day is this weekend.  If you are still looking for a card for your mom how about printing your own?  Also, graduations are coming up as well as weddings and Father’s Day.  You can print out cards for all these occasions and more. 

In the Small Business Resource Center, we have greetings and holiday cards for most occasions. You can personalize the cards and print them out. Print them on your Xerox printer or multifunction device. 

Printing on cardstock will have your greeting card looking and feeling like it came right from the store. Please make sure you use a cardstock that is on the recommended media list for your machine.  You can find that list in the online support for your machine. Simply search on Paper and the paper specifications will display.  There are a few heavier weights of paper, such as Lightweight Cardstock (60 lb./163 gsm), Cardstock (80 lb./216 gsm), and Heavy Cardstock (100 lb./270 gsm), for use with different applications, such as printing greeting cards.

Please note that when loading the paper and configuring the machine, heavier paper weights require the correct setting to ensure proper function of the printer and the best image for your card. Toner is applied differently to different paper weights. Differences in paper weights require the toner be deposited using different charges to the paper. Incorrect driver and/or tray settings can cause image quality issues such as or mottled prints, deletions, poor print resolution or light or dark output. Remember to set the correct paper specifications when you load the cardstock in your printer. 

Look at the templates for all kinds of greetings, holiday, and special occasion cards that you can use throughout the year.  Make sure when you print to heavier stock to use the correct settings in the driver for the paper that you have installed and programmed at the printer to assure great outputs.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers.  Enjoy your special day and time with family.  For all you children, whether young or grown-up, happy printing!!

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