Printing with Windows on ARM

Xerox has created a Customer Tip to help you print to a Xerox printer using Microsoft Class Drivers for Windows on ARM. 

What is ARM?

ARM is a processor in a group of CPUs based on the RISC (reduced instruction set computer) architecture developed by Advanced RISC Machines (ARM). RISC is a microprocessor that is designed to perform computer instructions in a smaller number so that it can operate at a higher speed.  ARM processors are extensively used in consumer electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, multimedia players and other mobile devices, including wearables.

Windows on ARM

ARM based devices are becoming more popular due to the cost benefits. Microsoft’s® offering of Windows on ARM has especially driven adoption of ARM for many individuals and businesses. However, to print from ARM you can only utilize drivers that have been compiled to match the ARM64 architecture.  Drivers built for the x86 or x64 processor architectures will not work. Most of the print drivers designed for other versions of Windows will not work for Windows on ARM. Class drivers built by Microsoft into Windows will allow you to print to your Xerox device.

Microsoft Printer Class Drivers

The Microsoft Printer Class Drivers offer basic printing capabilities for Windows on ARM. Class Drivers are V4 print drivers which are embedded in the Windows operating system. The V4 drivers offer limited functionality and utilize the Microsoft User Interface (UI). They do not have the Xerox® UI look and feel. They are defeatured and generic when compared to the Xerox product specific drivers.  Xerox has not developed these particular drivers they are Microsoft drivers.

Adding a Printer Using Windows Add Printer Wizard (APW)

A Customer Tip – Printing on Windows on ARM has been created by Xerox to help you get printing with Windows on ARM devices.  The tip includes the instructions you will need to add your Xerox printer using the Windows Add Printer Wizard. 

If you still have questions after reading the tip and following the instructions, please consider contacting your local support centre

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