Happy 2021! Let’s Hit the Ground Running!!

Happy New Year!! Happy 2021!! New Year, New Start! I always feel like the New Year is a new beginning. This year we still have some challenges in the way we can do business because of the continued precautions we must employ against the continued pandemic.  Last year we saw many changes in the way business was done.  Let’s build on what we learned and plan to do things differently and more efficiently this year.

This year think of one thing you want to change in the way you do your business Try to achieve that goal this year. Maybe you want to offer your customers a new service or move towards more mobile printing capabilities. Another option is look at changing the way you manage the security of your print jobs. Update your processes by digitizing your documents utilizing scan or available apps. Give a little thought about your printing or multifunction equipment and how you can best utilize your systems this year. We are here to help you if you have any questions or need our support.

In this new year review the Office Solutions for Printing and Smart Workflows webpage. This page has so much information on tools, programs and apps that can help you explore new ideas and uses for your printer or multifunction device.   Expand your offerings to customers or streamline your internal processes with ideas and help from the resources you will find on this webpage. 

One thing to do with your printer today is to print out one of the customized calendars available for 2021. There are a few format and style options in the template library. Enjoy one of the free samples of the customizable calendars. You will also find inspirational posters in the template library. You can print out and post to inspire your customers and co-workers. Get those calendars printed out and start setting those goals for 2021!!

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